Saturday, October 4, 2008

Because it's too early to entirely trust Anderson

This is a fucking joke right here, it is.

Are you kidding me? Your future is Anderson, and the old man is coming off a fresh knee knack that his him just about down for the count. But now's the time to extend the contract?!?!?!

There's been some fairly productive tricks that fit the "biding time" mold out of Sir Alex Ferguson, but what does that move say? Scholes will play until he's 3,000??? No, the final milking of Paul Scholes took place in the 2007-08 season. He held off for years on the internationals, willfully declined being England's difference maker, to elevate Man U, and the payback, apparently, is overblowing his legend.

It can only be a slow news day, because leading with Scholes and Fletcher signing extentsions is the same as doing nothing at all – and watching everyone else move even further ahead