Monday, October 20, 2008

Big week of fun coming up here at Match Pricks

Wow, where to start. Kuyt saves the day – again – for Liverpool, the Torres homecoming at the Vicente Calderón on Wednesday, away to Chelsea at the end of the week, and a Match Pricks first, an interview with Neil Dunkin author of "Anfield of Dreams: A Kopite's Odyssey"" that will be published in installments.

Just got off the phone with Neil, and his stories about a lifetime following Liverpool from the Second Division in the mid-1950s all the way through Istanbul were incredible. He was nice enough to give me a long time on the phone, and the interview was an absolute treat. You really should click the link above and buy the book. Reading is fun, and Neil's story is loaded with great stuff about a life with Liverpool, the amazing highs of seeing Shankly build the colossus and even sharing a drink and a chat with George Harrison at The Cavern Club.

Look for the Neil Dunkin interview throughout the week.

With apologies to Colin and the Arsenal faithful, I will be raving on and on in this space during the week. Bear with me, please. I hope to make it a blast for all involved. As always, feel free to tell me otherwise in the comments, if you like.

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