Monday, October 13, 2008

Dispatches from the front: Mama, please send me a Lancashire derbry, Blackpool v. Hartlepool, anything ... please!

It's never the greatest start to a footballing week when the headline Kuyt relishing Riise clash is something you actually end up clicking. Rough.

Anyway, on we trudge through this international break so jaw-shatteringly dull I've been lulled into caring (just a little) about the booing at Wembley. To cheer you up a bit, check out this Salvador Cabañas goal for Paraguay against Colombia. The angle makes no sense, and I had to watch the clip full through the first time for the right angle to see that, amazingly, it wasn't deflected.

Anyway, no chance of seeing a winger for England make that happen. Theo just runs, Beckham just stands, and Bentley is nowhere to be seen because he wears a Spurs shirt.

Lastly, got a dispiriting reminder of the international break this morning when I started up some laundry. Gathered up the stinky shirts that need to get bar stank off of them, and I noticed not a single kit was in the dirty pile. All my shirts are hanging, neat and freshly washed in the closet. That's a really bad sign because it means I haven't worn them. And if I haven't worn them, that means I haven't gone down to the bar at 6 a.m. for a tripleheader of Liverpool v. Someone Else and then two other matches. That's not good. If I'm not washing football shirts, that means I'm not watching a lot of football. And that'll take the starch out of your step every single time.

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