Monday, October 20, 2008

Nasri Rising

I've been a bad fan. I've been negligent. I'm the first to admit it. I missed yet another match this weekend as I was traveling. As I've said, wonky priorities. Not only have I missed a couple of Arsenal matches this season, I've missed the incredible matches that Liverpool have put out there for us. I haven't even seen a single football match in a couple of weeks.  So yeah, I've been a bad fan. And it's regrettable. I mean, here we are about to roll into more Champions League football, Arsenal seem to have won with 45 minutes of style, a footballer that I long hoped would join Arsenal is looking like a real difference-maker and I'm still thinking about the dregs of international breaks.

With that said, I'm painting myself into a corner of Total Football this weekend. And I can't wait. We'll see just how many matches I can make my way through. Sadly, it looks yet again like Arsenal's European exploits will not be covered on American television this week. I'll have to make do.

Fortunately, I've Sunday to look forward to. Liverpool vs. Chelsea in an early season measuring stick for the title contenders, followed by Arsenal vs. West Ham (another victim of Hull). And to top it off, the wheels are turning for the First Annual Match Pricks Pie-Off. Lots of community buzz about this Pie-Off, America.

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