Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank you for your consideration

A quick note before we get ahead of ourselves here: I wanted to say thank you to the small but growing number of people taking time to visit our little corner of the football blogging world. Last week we had some of our higher daily visitor totals since kicking off with Match Pricks during the summer. Colin and I are appreciative of those folks we've yet to meet or hear from throughout the U.S. who are stopping by in larger numbers – and sticking around longer – as well as our good friends from Liverpool who we can't wait to see again next year, and we can't forget the new face or three we see now and again from Ireland, Norway or Uganda checking out the site.

If you haven't yet, please check out the Match Pricks interview with author Neil Dunkin here in Part 1 and also here in Part 2. I've been a bit sidetracked early this week, but there will be a third and final installment of that very soon.

Also, coming up soon we'll summarize the Pie Off from this past Sunday. Sweet potato pumpkin, apple and also pear varieties made an appearance, Liverpool made history at Stamford Bridge and Arsenal won a London derby. It made for an excellent Sunday.

Thanks again for visiting.

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