Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maradona on the march for Masch

World football's newest smash traveling sensation, Argentina national team coach Diego Maradona, is bringing the show to London this weekend to watch Mascherano play against Spurs at White Hart Lane. Maradona also is going to check out Tevez during his England visit.

I don't have a link handy, but Maradona once famously described Argentina as "Mascherano plus 10." Here's hoping Mascherano, eager to impress Maradona, takes his performance from its usual "world's greatest defensive midfielder" level to "universe's greatest defensive midfielder" level.

God, this Maradona coaching Argentina stuff is just awesome. I'd give anything for a friendly with the U.S. in spring. I'd fly anywhere in the country for that, even though the two teams just played earlier this year out East.


Anthony said...

Wait a second. I thought Maradona was dead??

Colin said...

Not dead, he was just in exile in Cuba for a while getting his head on straight. And honestly, what better place?