Saturday, October 4, 2008

More on Joe Kinnear; let's be honest, like anything else is as interesting

There's a point Russell Brand makes in the The Guardian that is the opposite of how I view the Newcastle situation:

(Brand): What this press conference and Kinnear's agitation reveal is that he failed to anticipate the kind of environment he was going into.

That's the exact opposite of what I think Kinnear intended. I think it's fairly clear Joe Kinnear knew exactly the stink he was about to create. What makes the moment so incredible and perfect, what summarizes it so succinctly for the modern era, is that Kinnear's statements are a great, big, unapologetic kiss off to every semblance of the way things are conducted in the 21st century. The magic is in how he doesn't give the least shit in the whole world. Somebody, for better or worse, decided to unhinge every harness and restraint he's ever felt and express what a decent person must think about the way the football club and its leader have been treated.

It's pitch perfect and the most sane thing any footballer, club official or sideline towel hand has offered all year. Joe Kinnear isn't an idiot, and he sees what Newcastle United now embodies, just like the rest of y'all. At least somebody up there is willing to call an ugly, shit-stained spade a spade. The only hope is to get them to actually think the whole world is against them.

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