Saturday, October 11, 2008


It's the first annual Match Pricks Pie-Off!

We're taking two girls we know and love (dearly) and are making them face off in a match that can only be described as Hulk Hogan v. Andre the Giant in Wrestlemania III. And when I say that, I am by no means attributing any of the qualities of those two combatants to either of these two wonderful ladies. To be clear, they are two fantastic and utterly reputable ladies. I hold them in the highest regard. Really. No, really, I do. Beautiful. Really. Absolutely.

So, at any rate, here we are in the tedious international break and we've nowt to do but have a c0uple of ladies we know have a Pie-Off. The first annual Match Pricks Pie-Off. Right, right, right, there we are then, go ahead, 'ave a pie-off, too right, might as well then, right, right, right, bip, bip ol' chap.

Will it be apple? Will it be rhubarb? Maybe something along the lines of a meat pie, like a potatoe, curry and, um, meat?

At any rate, as we stand, here, in a remote corner of the footballing world, there's the fantastic possiblity that two wonderful, um, ladies, will have a pie-off.

And the world stands waiting. (as I type, a fabulous remix of Spoon, "Don't You Eva," a Matthew Dear remix is rolling.)

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