Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's sad, really ...

Have you heard about how scant the news is during international breaks? Yeah, it's bad. I think I've only caught a few references to France manager Raymond Domenech's use of astrology, a couple of dozen references to booing England supporters (Warranted but I don't necessarily agree with booing your own players. Managers, yes. Big, fat, sharehoarding criminals, yes. Players, no.) Another 10 or so references to Gerrard and Lampard's inability to play together (By the way, quick solution there ... it's Steven Gerrard. Put Frank on the bench. Done and dusted.), and a smattering of references to Adebayor's problems with the Togo Federation. (How terribly uninteresting is that?) 

At any rate, one more day of international matches ahead of us tomorrow. Another day, likely, of injury reports for the returning players, and hand-wringing from teams from whom we 
expect more (ahem, France) ... and then finally, we'll hear from our clubs again.

To my point ... Not that it's pressing news at this point, but there's word again about Arsenal winger Tomas Rosicky. The tricksy little Czech (oft-referred to as - ok, referred in our circle - as Rosickydino) has missed considerable time over the last season and a half. Now we've reached the point where those associated with him are forced to refute rumours that his career is coming to an end. And my word, I Google "Tomas Rosicky" to find a picture to plop in here - 2 of the 9 most common search terms are to do with his injury. Whatever the case, it's sad. Rosicky is an incredible player to watch. You can see in his eyes that he loves playing football. He's slight, yet rolls downhill toward the goal with the best of them and carries with him an absolute iron-crusher of a shot.

Get well, Tommy. It's sad for the Gooners out there that we're not watching you - nevermind the incredible extra dimension your health would give the Arsenal.

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