Saturday, October 11, 2008

In the end, it'd be good for you to shut your mouth.

There's a global economic crisis running through every stream of our lives. So I don't think I can pop for tickets to Barcelona right now. And besides, there are other places I'd rather go at the moment. As much as I love the city, and trust me, I do love it there, if I set foot on its soil, I'd be there only as part of a mission. We've reached a critical apex and my mission would undoubtedly call for the complete and utter destruction of their football club, and all those associated with it. 

Alex Hleb, a fine midfielder with a deft touch and skill on the ball who can't score to save his life, much less actually get a shot on target, has again begun running his mouth about his desire
 to lure Cesc Fabregas to the Catalan club. How much more do I have to say it? 

More than a club my ass. 

I do believe at this point that I'll only be happy when Las Ramblas is running red and blue with the blood of that damn shirt they love so much. And the shame I bear is my 10 year old Rivaldo Barcelona kit hanging in the closet that I bought when I was on holiday there. If I wasn't so hindered by this damned economic crisis (really, it's holding me back from making breakfast and even any consideration I had of actually accomplishing something this morning, what's the point, man?), I'd pony up the Euros to buy a sponsorship myself to sully their precious kit. Why not? I'd cram my ugly mug right there in the middle of the damned thing. That'd show them.

I'll go ahead and line this up with actually targeted words one more time. 
  • Cesc Fabregas 
  • Contract
  • Arsenal Football Club
If a player from another club, much less the club's sporting directors and leadership, says that he is trying his best to lure a player from another club to a new destination than it must be considered illegal by standards that must be erected by UEFA and FIFA. It is called tapping up. In America, they call it tampering and it is a legitimately concerning situation.

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