Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A comment ...

I felt I should take a moment to offer some words.

In America, we have things a little different. Football for us becomes tribal. It doesn't necessarily start that way. We aren't born within shouting distance of Islington or Anfield. 

I often say that a football team chooses you, you don't choose a football team. Although we do see the opposite happen in America; someone catches the World Cup on TV, gets into the game and dives in whole hog with a new team. Shirt, scarf, songs et all. We can't begrudge them that. As Mr. Dunkin says, part of the joy is spreading the gospel.

Through a conflux of circumstances, I've been an Arsenal supporter since my birth in the footballing world (see image and link above - in truth I can't believe I found that picture, ah the powers of the Internet). They chose me.

That said, I do still carry an extraordinary level of respect for Liverpool - their achievements, their club and perhaps above all, their supporters. I want, then, to offer my courteous thanks on behalf of my co-author Jim to Mr. Dunkin for granting the interview with Match Pricks and sharing with our readers thoughts about his life as a Kopite. I look forward to reading the rest of the interview.

I can't wait to pick up and read the book. 

Life as a football supporter is, after all, a shared experience. 

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