Monday, October 13, 2008

How Low can the Internet go?

AAARRGGHHH!! I can't believe I can't find a photo of the outrageously mod black-turtleneck, black-suit get-up that Joachim Low sported during Germany 2 – Russia 1 on Saturday. It was the highlight of an otherwise drab international break Saturday. So ridiculous. What is with the German national team forcing its managers into either some insanely tightly cuffed and tailored shirts or otherwise comical wardrobe. The Low outfit Saturday was really funny.

Almost as funny as how Russia couldn't manage to equalize in the second half after running Germany all over the place. Once again, supreme German efficiency strikes – even if it was only over the first 45 minutes.

Anyway, yeah, international break pretty much sucks. Love that England, by the way. 5-1 winners over Kazakhstan, and the English press is practically crapping in the street to insult them. Next up, away to Belarus in Minsk. Anything less than 9-0 England in a style reminiscent of Brazil '70 will surely have the entire nation calling Capello nothing but a better dressed Second-Choice Steve.

Oof. Gimme back my club football, please.

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