Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big win, 3 goals, big performances

ارسنال 3 - 1 ويست بروميتش - video powered by Metacafe

Goals from 101GreatGoals.

A couple of quick thoughts here as I didn't get to see the match (damn time zones, always screwing up my life). 

-Bendtner took his chances. Good for him. He's got the knack for scoring goals. We just need to remember that he is very young and has been leading the line of a top Club for most of the year. And in doing so he has picked up a fair share of goals. He'll learn, in time and training, to keep up with the demands that are expected of him.

-Kolo again seems to have put in a display of leadership. Getting the armband to him in Cesc's absence has been so important. When he scores a goal, seldom as it is, it's an example of hard-work, determination and leadership. It's always been like that for Kolo, even when he was younger.

-Just as I thought, the first goal seems to have lead to us being opened to a chance at the back immediately. Granted it was from a set piece, but all the same. At least this time the team didn't roll over or pull back into their shell.

-I'm shocked that a) Arshavin started and b) that he played the full 90. The boss must clearly see something special in his new weapon to just drop him off the deep end like that. And I'm quite certain that his age, at 27, has a lot to do with it. He's an experienced professional who should know how to care for his body and understand just what is expected of him. In spite of the fact that he was clearly knackered by the end of Saturday's nil-nil draw with Sunderland (good for Liverpool, by the way, for breaking them down), he came out and had an impact again.

-By all reports, West Brom actually played some football. Their manager had said all summer and into the season that they'd do so. They may be headed straight down, but they'll do so with their heads held high, even though they've not been up to the pace.

-Finally .... a win is a win is a win. But it's not, as has been well documented on Match Pricks time and time again, jubilant. It's just relief and a stay of execution until the next match. At the moment, that next match is Aston Villa vs. Manchester City today. All eyes on that one. Let's go then City, get it together for this one! I'm looking at Given for a big performance in goal today.

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