Thursday, March 26, 2009

Later, he'll perform a short skit in blackface

What better time than during an international break to turn, once again (deep sigh), to the king dipshit of the European political scene, Silvio Berlusconi:

"Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, criticised last year for describing U.S. President Barack Obama as 'suntanned,' brushed aside a comparison of their leadership styles Thursday by saying: 'I'm paler.'"

So, to review, since last fall Berlusconi has called for all international markets to close while new financial rules could be written, toasted George W. Bush to an everlasting friendship while at the White House in the midst of a true worldwide disaster, helped engineer a silly Kaká fake transfer negotiation to Manchester City, said, in all seriousness, that Italy can't possibly protect all of its women from being raped because the entirety of the country's female population is attractive enough to be targeted by maniacs, and, now, made clear to only ignorant blind people, apparently, that he's "paler" than the American president.

On Wednesday, Ireland plays in Italy. It's time to fire up my fading appreciation for Robbie Keane and hope he can lead his side to a result. I'll take anything. Just bash an Italian over the head or something in the process. Anything to keep this dope from just coasting along unaffected.


Luke said...

The Italian part of me says no, but I am also sunburnt, so wail away.

casey said...

Italian supporters are known for throwing bananas at black footballers so I can't say I'm surprised.

Jim said...

It's just one thing after the other with this guy, though. I feel compelled to point out Berlusconi's insanity at every turn. Also, it's because one day I'm hoping for the Liverpool-Milan Champions League final rubber match. We need one more.

Carl said...

You know what, that guy is scum eff him and eff al AC Milan supporters. I find his thinly veiled racism tired and bullshite. Apparently we are all supposed to forget the Calcio scandal from what all of 2 years ago? when they should have been banned from European competitions but were allowed to play and win on a very dubious goal. Seriously the blind that has been turned to the shenanigans the surround Italian football is maddening. I'm just saying when you pay officials to throw games your way you get all credibility taken away from any accomplishments you may have once had. I mean they only got caught this time how many times did it slip through the cracks?
Va fanculo Berlusconi.