Friday, March 27, 2009

C'mon, Skrtel! Use your head, son

Really wish Martin Skrtel had not said this:

"Because we do think that 4-1 win might have been their breaking point. Their lead was seven points at the time but now it is only one point so, psychologically, we are in a much better position than before. We feel very strongly that we have a good chance to win the title now."

Jesus, Skrtel. Keep your head down, your mouth shut and go out and take your 2-0 defeat at Wembley tomorrow like a humble man. And we have our first international break press crackup with a player. He was speaking through an interpreter, no less.

Ack. They still have a game in hand and you have to come back from this and win out – and also hope you get lucky. Don't poke anybody with a stick, Skrtel.

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