Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here's a joke for you ...

Ready for the punchline? Ashley Cole. Hahahahaha. Ziiiing.

I nearly swerved off my recliner this morning when I read this little ditty. Ashley just keeps on turning out to be a wonderful example of a modern man for us, doesn't he?

Thank you, Ashley, for continuing to look the fool. And thank you, Gael Clichy, for helping all of us Gooners out there forget he ever played for us.


Jim said...

Notice who else was at this Chelsea charity thing where Ashley Cole was a knob?

"Other guests included former Formula One supremo Eddie Jordan, Graeme Le Saux, TV presenter Alice Beer and Lady Helen Taylor.''

Second name there on the list. After the race car driver and before the TV bird. (sniff)

I stand by that offer at the bar, by the way, for anyone sporting a Le Saux kit.

Anthony said...

I think I had this guy on my 2004 Fantasy Soccer team. My how the mighty have fallen.