Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deep breath time, but hey, let's enjoy it a little

Alright, time for the plunge, eh? We've been snoring our way through the international break so far with nary a whiff of news. Very little on the Arsenal, a bit more on Liverpool and a few other tidbits to shake a tail at. John Terry's mom gets nicked for, well, nicking? All class that clan. Good thing he's captain of England instead of a certain someone else that you may have heard of in these pages (scroll, baby, scroll). What else did we have? The Guardian tossed up this nice article giving us a look at times past. A sample,
" ... which would inspire France to famously win Euro '84 and reach the semi-finals of Mexico '86, their final act together. They moved the ball around with the lazy serenity of college dudes sharing a spliff."
Another nice bit of news tossed up this morning sees some clarity shone on Nico Bendtner's comments from about a month ago. I was particularly excited about the comments at the time. Some, however, turned it into a way to fuel their dislike of the young man after a series of terrible misses that coincided with the team's poor offensive form and a full-on lack of goal scoring. News today from Vital Arsenal shows that it was a poor translation. So rather than a cocky little kid, I think we can firmly plant this in with the thoughts that any proper professional should express. I still do believe that he can and will grow into a magnificent striker. And it's yet another example of taking player comments in the press with a grain of salt.

So as I look at the clock there's football somewhere and Arsenal (and Liverpool - at this point, I'm pulling for them to grab that title just as much as anyone else, although with a few healthy heapings fewer of Supporter's Agony) players are very likely to take to the pitch around Europe (and Africa, g'on Adebayor, get some minutes in and find some passion for the last two months, we'll need you!). As Jim noted below, when we left off, both teams were in fantastic form. We can just hold our breath, wring our hands and hope that they make it through unscathed and ready to fire it up again in a full week's time against City. You just never know with these matches. And hot damn is it irritating! All the same, let's enjoy it at least a little, shall we?

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Darrell said...

Thanks for the John Terry shout-out! So hilarious, especially since he recently bought his mom a new house!