Monday, March 23, 2009

The suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked

And here we are – again. Just as the League shows signs of life and Liverpool sends a full car battery's worth of juice pulsating through my veins, Sepp Blatter waves his hand through the air and another international break is upon us.

I mean, c'mon. Liverpool probably wishes they played those final eight matches in the next eight days. Instead, SCREEEEEEECCCCHHHHH!!!!!!!! The brakes are slammed by World Cup qualifiers and we have two weeks of pffffft. Nothing.

Well, there's this, American Match Pricks readers. On Sunday, they shoot the clocks forward overseas, so when we return to the League, adjust your body clocks as England will go back to being six hours ahead of us here in the Midwest, five hours on the East Coast and a lonely eight hours out in sunny Southern California.

I'm thinking we'll fill the space here with another installment or two of this stuff.

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MulderBurns said...

Timing of this could not be worse for Arsenal, unless of course you're Liverpool, for which it is the worst timing ever.

That said, come on Ireland...must-win home match vs. Bulgaria Saturday, and then a trip to Italy to find out how much we've improved. If they can go in there and fight out a draw, and get 4 points out of these 2 games, we could see a return of the Boys in Green to the World Cup. The World Cup is a richer event when the Irish are present.