Friday, March 13, 2009

Match Pricks Way-back Machine: A few thoughts from September 2008 about Liverpool's run-in

I thought this was kind of cute to look back on. My thoughts from Sept. 25 on Liverpool's final 10 matches of the season, the first of which is Saturday. Those were heady days, and any regular Match Pricks reader is well aware of the psychological torture that I've inflicted upon myself in the roughly 5 1/2 months that have passed since I posted that.

Seems funny here, on the eve of whatever the hell is going to happen tomorrow, that I could so casually write: "Now, the United match is away, and that will be a brutalizer for all involved."

That doesn't exactly seem like a sufficient summary of what's on deck, is it? I think if someone only ended up "brutalized" after the match that it would be like hardly breaking a sweat. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if my head exploded, Scanners-like, at some point during the proceedings.

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