Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Only in dreams: This can't possibly be good

Who wants a peek into my disturbing subconscious? Well, I'm going ahead with this anyway. Last dream before waking up this morning said it all as, for the first time ever, my sleeping time was interrupted by a guest appearance from Fergie. The context was a pub in Milwaukee on a sunny afternoon. I was there (circumstances unremembered) with a variety of friends from across my background and Fergie was sitting alone, closer to the door and enjoying a quiet pint. He had the full match day get-up on: black overcoat and that stupid black zippered-turtleneck sweater thing. For some reason I made polite small talk with him and he was cordial – friendly even – in return. Then he got up to leave and turned the barstools over onto the table were he was sitting, even though it was the middle of the afternoon.

Yeah, I watch and think about way too much football.


stephen said...

And you didn't kick him in the teeth for what reason?

Jim said...

There was an odd congeniality about the exchange. I chose politeness over venom and said something self-deprecating about the upcoming match. Fergie returned the kindness and said something humble (shocking, I know). Then he finished his pint and started turning the barstools at his table.

Closing time for the title race?

Lordy, this dream really bugged me.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention this. I had a similar dream a few nights ago, except Rafa was behind the bar, which was full of Manchester United fans screaming "Can you hear us Merseyside?" at him over and over. He noticed my Liverpool jersey, gave me a drink and smiled, and calmly told me not to worry.

Does this mean I was walking into the valley of darkness, and Rafa was my shepherd? Whatever it meant, it's been bothering me all week.

Carl said...

Wow i dream of zombies(Man Yoo fans?) trying to kill me and everything I love. So I start cracking skulls and i feel good. Should I bring the pain to them?
Way to open this can of worms Jim.