Thursday, March 19, 2009

The mind games are back!

Well, that didn't take long. You can't blame Fergie, really. He doesn't want anybody talking about his players, not after 4-1. They need to get in and hammer Fulham this weekend. But it's odd, don't you think? At the time of "Rafa's rant" Fergie dismissed it as no bother to him. Now he feels it necessary to describe it as "weird." Of course it was! Rafa's a goofball! But not a dumb one.

This is my favorite bit of Fergie's comments:

The episode has irreparably damaged the relationship between the two managers, with Ferguson questioning at the weekend that he "would need to read more of Freud" before he could understand what Benítez was talking about.

Go ahead Fergie, Freud has all the answers you require.


jack said...

I have a question about etiquette. Last night I was out at the bar, when the bartender started going on to the guy next to me about how those dirty scousers had beaten United and his dislike of Gerrard. I spoke up, but he kept prattling on about how United was going to take all the silverware this year, Jintao is the essence of the divine, etc. I said nothing further and had a few more, and when it was time to pay, I wrote,
"4-1 YNWA" on the tip line and left. Was I being rude or was I in the right to do so?

Jim said...

Never tip an obnoxious Manc bartender.

Well played, Jack.