Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where were you on March 14, 2009?

And with that result on the left, I took off – literally – on a wild Saturday that leaves me reflecting this afternoon on one of the sunniest, brightest Saturdays to roll through a Liverpool supporter's heart and mind in a long, long time.

The analytical, rational post-match reaction is what's being said most elsewhere, that United is still clearly in control of the League and the likely favorite to win it. That is all fine and good – and true – but some things go beyond one Saturday result or one season's League championship. Of course winning the League this year would be preferable to any kind of scoreline at Old Trafford yesterday. Yes, you're right Mancs, you'll probably still win the League.

However, the trophy will sit alongside many others through the years, it will occasionally gather dust and require a custodian to polish it a bit, and after a few more seasons, the majority of football fans will have to "hit the Google key" to be reminded of the exact goal differential and points totals accumulated in 2008-09.

But for all time, I'll have Manchester United 1 – Liverpool 4. Forever. At certain points of the match yesterday, it defied reasonable expectation. I mean, for f**k's sake, Doessena scored! And it was the second time time in four days that he added Liverpool's fourth against a titan of the game. In those instances, you just grab on desperately with one hand and hang on for the ride. Liverpool took its supporters all over creation yesterday with that performance. Enjoy it, roll around in it, embrace it. It happened and we can all laugh and slap backs and hug and raise drinks to it.

Beating United is one thing, for anybody. Liverpool taking three points against United is always special in the Premier League era. But just hammering United at Old Trafford – absolutely hammering them – when in recent weeks the pundits and ex-players have been trotting out claims they are the greatest of Fergie's sides, that they might be the greatest of all the club teams of all time, that's something they make T-shirts and songs about. And it happened with Lucas in central midfield, and with Carragher having to fill in at right back right after the warm up.

4-1. It's rare when two numbers describe an entire day, mood and state of mind for a worldwide group of people. United fans will likely have the League to celebrate for all time. Liverpool fans will have 4-1, and any United supporter who would try to say it's really no big deal apparently doesn't care all that much for this rivalry.

4-1. I mean, it's even fun just looking at it.


Darrell said...

A.)I'm glad that I wasn't at the Highbury for this one, let alone Arsenal winning as well
B.)Liverpool might be a force to be reckoned with...seriously United looked like a side that a small club like Leyton Orient could fair against, nothing against Orient just stating how horrible United looked. But with that being said, Liverpool did look very good. I mean that Fabio free kick made EVDS look silly. I never seen Edwin ever just be completely frozen. Even the textbook goal from Dossena looked flawless. All in all Liverpool came to play, and United came to blow it!
C.) I believe, being a United supporter, that this result is a positive thing, just shows how "human" United really is. For awhile there I thought the entire United squad were completely made up of Robots, designed by Fergie with pure,excellent, flawless football capabilities. But this loss shows that United is actually made up of humans..yes, humans
till we meet again, hopefully Champions League, I want a rematch!

Kirk said...

Congratulations! Great win and way to kick 'em in the teeth.

Jamie said...

ha, you see this, guys and girls? oh! girls...? you have girl readers? anyway, here...


Mr. Frank said...

Well done to the Pool on their win.

I watched on Setanta and had to mute the last 15 minutes of the match because the pundit, Ian Dowie, spent the entire match being a Manyoo apologist and didn't have one kind word to say about Liverpool's performance. He can't manage, and now he can't pundit his way out of a wet paper bag.

Kudos to Mr. Wiley for having the balls to walk into Old Trafford, and calling a PK against Manyoo and sending off a Manyoo player IN THE SAME MATCH! Mr. Webb can learn much from Mr. Wiley.

4-1 has a meaning to Manyoo supporters as well: 4 clear with 1 in hand.