Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do I need to say it?

Just a little mention. 

We know that Theo's been close to fitness, training and eyeing up that match against Roma next week. I actually said to a mate tonight (West Ham supporter, by the way) that I'd like to see Theo on the bench this weekend with a little run out to get those legs moving again. The beauty of this addition, in addition to seeing him take flight (above), is what it does to the rest of the team. All of a sudden you might not slot Arshavin out wide, eh? Maybe put him inside, yeah? Hmmm, so you'd have to take out one of those central midfielders, yeah, who has been, ah, struggling, you know, so much, yeah? Yeah. That's it. But, um, wait, wouldn't that, like, leave Arsenal a little too offensive minded? A little too, um, downhill? Quite right. Right, right, right. Might that mean that we, ah, might be able to roll back to some of the ol' swarming tactics? Mmmmmm. Well, there would be another piece yet to, umm, you know, like, ummm, make that, how do you say ... official? (above the above)

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