Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quality Red in NYC; sad Old Trafford MC; 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'; and inside the Liverpool away supporters section

I realized today that there's not that much going on this week in the Liverpool half of Match Pricks, so Saturday's match is really all there is to ruminate on, for a while at least. How'd that one end up again? Oh yeah.

With that, here's a YouTube roundup of the fun. First up, The Liverpool Supporters Club in New York City sings some songs about all the fun. This is noteworthy for the absolutely quality supporter who pops up first around the 24-second mark directly in front of the camera with the grey away Insua shirt. Well done, son:

This one is beautiful. You'll need the sound up fairly loud, but during the pre-match warmup, 3,000 Scousers in a far corner of the stadium outsing some idiot MC trying – and failing – to fire up Old Trafford with that awful song. Listen close for YNWA overpowering the stadium PA system. The MC just sounds sad and pathetic, a harbinger of how his team was about to play:

Who doesn't enjoy the Fanzone? The Liverpool fan's wig and mustache collection is incredible. Check out the United fan's expressions when Liverpool pours it on:

Liverpool supporters inside Old Trafford during the match. The fun kicks in around the 1:45 mark. Then it goes: Dossena goal, "We want five!" chant, mocking United fans with "Rafa's cracking up," back to "We want five!" to YNWA, "Fergie's right! Your fans are shite!" and full-time whistle into a little more than a minute of pure happiness. Note the wide swaths of empty seats throughout the other parts of Old Trafford.


Darrell said...

that just made me throw up....congrats

MulderBurns said...

"Fanzone" is the greatest thing in the world. The US needs to incorporate that idea into sports broadcasts here.