Friday, March 13, 2009

Liverpool-United Flashback: Old Trafford on 26 February, 1983

The differences between yesterday and today are pretty well spelled out in this video, the first half of the 1-1 draw between Liverpool and United on 26 February, 1983 at Old Trafford. Both goals are in this clip, the Liverpool score from Dalglish and the United score courtesy of a Grobbelar error that leaves the net nekkid. On this day, it was a meeting between the two top teams in the division, only United needed to win at Old Trafford to keep Liverpool from killing off the title race.

It's a nearly unrecognizable Old Trafford, with the announced crowd of 57,397 representing the largest of the season in the First Division to that date. Also, the sponsor-less strip, the haircuts – it's all different. But it's good stuff. Your commentator is Martin Tyler:

Here's the second half. Both sides come close to scoring a winner:

And then, just because I feel like being a bastard about things, here's Denis Law's infamous backheel for Manchester City on 24 April 1974 at Old Trafford that essentially relegated United in their last game of the season:

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Jamie said...

hair cuts and sponserless shirts... you failed to mention the hotpants the boys are sporting... wah wah woo wah!

i wasnt aware liverpool had a pen as well on saturday. a pen!? at old trafford!? not many of them to the pound...