Thursday, March 26, 2009

So, during the next week, Spain gets to play Turkey twice in five days ... uh, yeaaaaaaah

For this go-round of the international break, Match Pricks is busting out "Mel Brooks Movie Stills Week," among other things, and there's no better start for a Liverpool fan like myself than "High Anxiety." You see, the champions of Europe, Spain, have a neat little trip to Istanbul next Wednesday, after playing in Madrid against Turkey on Saturday. I'm sure I won't be stressed about that or anything.

You might have heard some of my thoughts about Torres for Spain during these mid-season international breaks. The waiting and hoping that the boy comes through it without a knock or tear of some type is just excruciating. It's a little like being told there's a national lottery to choose people for random executions. Yeah, you have to go about your business and live your life, but that number could always come up. It's the waiting that's that hardest part.

This applies to a bunch of players, of course. I'm nervous as hell about Gerrard against Slovakia and Ukraine, and I don't want anything to happen to Kuyt when he's off busting ass for Holland. But it's the endless dance of danger Liverpool fans perform regarding Torres when he's doing his duty for Spain. Good lord, it's enough to drive a man to drink – excessively.

Be well, 'Nando. We want to sing for you against Fulham on April 4. And not because we miss you out there.

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stephen said...

I'm pretty sure Rafa gave Skrtel explicit instructions - you leave that Stevie Gerrard alone. If you happen to break Michael Carrick's leg, well, hey, mistakes happen. And just for fun throw the ball at Rooney if you get the chance.