Thursday, March 5, 2009

REMINDER BUMP: Football travels through time

(Re-posted for any Match Pricks readers checking in this weekend. You have to get started a little earlier than expected for the matches tomorrow.)

A quick reminder for Match Pricks' States-based readers: Uncle Sam jumps the clock ahead one hour this weekend thanks to the only lasting gift the Bush administration ever gave us, longer Daylight Savings Time. That means if you're trying to get up early Sunday for Arsenal and Burnley in the Cup, the East Coast will only be 4 hours behind kickoff time, it'll be 5 hours behind here in the glorious Midwest, Colorado and the Mountain zone will be six hours behind, and our friends in Southern California will be 7 hours behind.

Europe doesn't switch over to DST until Sunday, March 29, which is an international break weekend. So you should be in the clear on getting back to the usual time difference unless you want to set your schedule that day to catch a dodgy Internet feed for Spain and Turkey from Madrid.

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