Friday, February 20, 2009

I like the way you think, dogg

(Danish striker Nico Bendtner, "Wow is this game easy. I loves me some football, dogg.")

You may have heard tell this week that Arsenal's young Danish striker  - their young, non-starting, from-time-to-time scoring reserve striker - Nicklas Bendtner believes that he should be starting every match, and playing every minute of those matches. You know, because he's better than everyone else. The young man likely believes that with more minutes, comes more goals, more influence, more wins, more Arsenal success and more trophies. 

Naturally such a notion has been rendered laughable and ridiculous be the majority of the English press. "There he goes, then, running his mouth again." Mmm, yes, I'm quite sure that's how it went. In fact, I even heard this one ass compare his ineffective goal-scoring rate to his highly-effective mouth-running rate earlier in the week (editor's note: ahem, see below).

For argument's sake, here are his stats for the year thus far ...

9 goals comprised of/3 league, 2 European, 2 FA Cup, 2 League Cup

Hardly the massive sum that would call for the man to romp up and down the length of the pitch wherever he damn well pleased. Thing is ... 

Hot damn do I love such talk! You know what, I really love it. And I really want my team talking like this. What else would you ask for? Would you have him lean back at his post on the bench and shrug, "Eh, Ade can do better. I'll sit this one out. Maybe next time, boss." Is that would you'd like him to say? Just put his career in someone else's hands with the heavy implication that, eh, no, I don't have the confidence necessary to, ah, you know, like, score, man. Do you want a wet noodle? A guy who doesn't know what he wants? Who doesn't want to, like, you know, um, score? You know, like, one of them, ah, one of them players from that Stoke? Someone with no confidence, would that be better?

Right .... Hell Noooooo! Same here, folks. So get out there Nico! That's the best goddamn thing I've heard all year out of this team. Get stuck in, Nico!


Carl said...

Bendtner is a tool who is silly in the head. I would like to use profane language to describe him but this is a family site. He needs to pull his head out of his anus. I am very disappointed in his performances as of late.

Darrell said...

I agree with Colin, Bendtner and the whole team need to think in this format in order to get the gunner boys rollin! Also, even though the outcome was not successive, I watched the highlights of the Sunderland clash on Saturday and I must say Arshavin did look good, especially the blast he had outside of the box. Keep your heads up high, there is still some football left. Nothing wrong with being spoilers as well!

Jamie said...


i dont believe bendtner said those things. just like rvp didnt touch her and just like ade didnt say... oh, no... ade did!

bendtners season last year was much, much better then this. he wasnt a tool last year. things can change... gilberto was once the worst brazilian.

bendtner... he's young and can have a better season next year. aherm, hopefully! the whole team is young and can have a better season next year. erm, hopefully...

it can be fixed and it can be so different. this is football. it's not scripted and it can be inconsistent. unfortunately, that's the only thing about our consistency... it's incon.

oh, yeah but, no, but yeah... the attitude portrayed from bender in the papers would be nice... as long as they have the width to back up their girth.