Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh would you stop! He'll be fine

I feel like Jim from a couple of weeks ago when Gerrard went out with a hamstring and the media acted like there were fire-breathing dragons attacking innocent civilians up and down the countryside. (By the way, in case you've missed it, they're pegging Captain Stevie to be back shortly. I'm quite sure that Rafa won't risk him too quickly though. Especially after Torres was out a bit longer than they'd have liked with a hamstring himself.)

You've heard the word, yeah? Eduardo played. And scored twice. And he came off with a hamstring tweak. Today, word comes out that he'll miss two weeks. Well, first off, hamstrings are never on a time table. I think we've all learned that by now. 

If anyone actually expected Eduardo to be perfectly fit after his first competitive league run out in about 360 days, they were gravely mistaken. This isn't news. I'd reckon that it's just the way things are after so long a lay-off. The body will react and need time to develop as it regains fitness. At the same time, I'd rather that schedule be linked to the manager's discretion and not see him specifically ruled out of a match ... but still.

He'll be fine, people!

Another thing to mention today is news of comments from new Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis. I'm of the mind, like many others, that these aren't quite new quotes. The Daily Mail (linked above) has an interesting take on things. They spin it to imply that Gazidis has flipped on the green light for the Arsene Wenger Summer Spending Spree of '09. 

Yep, that's what it is. You know, because he said that they'll always back Arsene in anything he wants or needs to do. Pouring through these headlines can be hilarious sometimes.

Sunderland up next ... lots to prove, lots to talk about, more later.

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