Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's happy days all over again

I just want to jump in real quick and talk about how awesome it was Monday to have Eduardo back. I try to leave the Arsenal stuff where it belongs, with Colin. But I'd argue Eduardo's comeback transcends allegiances.

It took me well over a week to bring myself to even look at a photo of Eduardo's leg break, and even then it was a shot taken from a ground angle at such a position that you couldn't really see the full display of how horrible it was. Then, one day a couple weeks later after I'd forgotten about it, I picked up an issue of ESPN The Magazine and started flipping through the first few pages. There's always some excellent photography at the front of the magazine, and with Eduardo's trauma the furthest thing from my mind, I turned a page and – BAM! – there it was. A double-truck photo spread fully encompassing the material I was holding in my hands, enlarged and capturing the very second after impact where the leg had broken and stressed to its farthest point. I don't remember exactly, but though I was home alone I think I might have shrieked or otherwise audibly gasped. I instantly slammed the magazine shut and put it down.

Seeing it left me and everyone I know with half a brain hoping the boy would return to full strength and play again. On Monday it happened. In between that time, we had the oustanding "Summer of Doing It for Eduardo" and many good times laughing and hoping – aware of the ridiculousness, mind you – that our weekend celebrations and craziness would somehow help him get back out there scoring goals. It worked, apparently.

Welcome back, Eduardo. It's so good to have you here again.

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