Friday, February 6, 2009

Pausing for a second to enjoy an old favorite during an apparent moment of frivolity

Here at Match Pricks, we like to keep a wary eye trained on Vladimir Putin. You never know what he might be up to, right?

That's why, though it lacks football content, I can't help but point you to this: Putin recently took in a private concert by ABBA imitators Bjorn Again in a super-secret Russian compound. The money line:

"The band were warned in advance not to try to speak to the audience or leave the stage and Putin made no attempt to speak to them afterwards, instead going off to watch fireworks, she said."

Putin's chief fixer denies all of this, naturally. Hmmm ... look, Putin. I reluctantly saw "Mamma Mia!" and ended up liking it. Stop being a bitch, Putin, and just acknowledge you like ABBA.


West Brom said...

Jim likes ABBA and half naked Russian guys! Very gay.

Anonymous said...

I hope your reluctant viewing of "Mamma Mia!" was an attempt to get some play. Otherwise it's not just Rafa that's gone off the rails in the last month.