Monday, January 5, 2009

These two just might be behind the Insua international break and the Alonso injury

Evil hit the slopes in Sochi this weekend, friends. Don't let the one on the left keep you down, and you should definitely not be sucked in by his occasional forays into respectability and fun. It's all a trap. These two are about preventing you from enjoying yourself here in January as we have several cup competitions kicking into "happy" gear and the league is cranking up and nerves are being tested and captains are being arrested.

No, these are the fun times, and if you thought it might be time to slow down here after the New Year, think again, kiddo. You've got to refill the tank and get out there. It's United v. Chelsea this weekend. Putin and Co. would like it if you forgot about that one. Don't give 'em the satisfaction.

On a Match Pricks-exclusive note, please don't forget to scroll down and then scroll down some more for all kinds of early '09 activity. I've been going bonkers over the last 24 hours, so please check it out and feel free to let me have it in the comments if any of this just offends your personal dignity.

Lastly, a quick hello to Melbourne and Glasgow. Welcome to Match Pricks. The Glasgow visit surely someone checking in on our plans to unseat Jintao from his perch in Manchester. Stick around and remember ... keep scrolling down.

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