Sunday, January 4, 2009

Match Pricks going YouTube crazy in '09

Shit man, let's just crank out some Torres action here, as it's so nice to have the boy back in the side. While Liverpool and all its supporters wait on news about Alonso's foot, here's a collection of Torres videos, including the one in the item two posts below this. Welcome back, Fernando. We've missed you.

(Scroll lower below this post for more Match Pricks-inspired YouTube goodness.)

Here's an outstanding compilation. Superbly edited, with loads of special effects and some spotlights on Torres' amazing on-the-ball skills. Excellently done summary of everything Torres has done so far:

Never before has commercialism been so inspiring:

The video so nice I've posted it twice:

A long one, but it's loaded. Turn the sound down if you are averse to trashy Euro club music. The first 25 goals from last season.:

Goals 26-29, including several views of that goal against Arsenal in the return leg at Anfield from the Champions League:

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