Monday, January 19, 2009

It's derby day!

There are few Liverpool games every season for which I use vacation time from work to make sure I don't miss a second. The Champions League knockout stages are a given because of how they're played in midweek. Sometimes, for a particularly good one, I'll use vacation time for a group stage match, like with Atletíco this year.

However, until today, I had never needed to take a vacation day to catch a Premier League fixture. But a few weeks back when I checked the schedule, I didn't even hesitate. Might as well let the bosses know I won't be around for work on Jan. 19. Yep, not showing up at all for that. Yeah, just take 8 hours off my vacation time for the year. Oh well, only four weeks of time left for me to use in 2009. How will I manage?

As always, we're celebrating a fit and rested Alonso today. There's a meet-up planned for Milwaukee natives or those passing through the city this afternoon. Click here for further details, and while you're at it, consider joining up. We're all fans of The Director these days.

Hopefully, Rafa doesn't try to trip Rick Parry while they walk out of the director's box or anything today. Let's get the focus back to the League, the derby and friendly wagers as to who gets the first red card in the match. And if you are certain there won't be one, you haven't been watching many Merseyside derbies lately, have you?


Darrell Balzrina said...

Good thing you used some vacation time to witness an unguarded Cahill head in a late equalizer!

Darrell Balzrina said...

Also, peace out Jermaine Pennant as he becomes a magpie faithful!

Darrell Balzrina said...

Excuse me, Pennant has become a Pompey faithful

Stephen said...

Everton - the obnoxious little brother that no one likes.