Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Swear like Joe Kinnear if you're happy about Alonso's foot

It's worthwhile – in celebration of Alonso's Foot Is Only Cut Day – to bring back one of the most-searched-for Match Pricks posts, Newcastle caretaker manager Joe Kinnear going over-the-moon bonkers on the English scribblers in one of the greatest displays of obscenity ever heard anywhere. People the world over searching for Kinnear's first-class use of the filthin'-foul-filth end up clicking through Match Pricks to get to the Mirror link. This thing bears listening to every few weeks because it never grows old. I'm listening to it right now. It's as fresh as the newfallen snow.

By the way, love the alert the Mirror puts next to the audio link:

"Warning: this contains some very strong language indeed."

The English: so cute. And does it get any better than 8 minutes in when the Newcastle press officer makes a pathetic and sad attempt to get off the record all that cussin' gold that Kinnear just spewed forth without regard for humanity or the ears of children?


stephen said...

I opted to swear like Kevin O'Neill instead.

Jim said...

The difference there is Kevin O'Neil was a lot more liberal with his use of coc*sucker. Kinnear is a c*nt man.

Stephen said...

Good point. O'Neill is the David Milch of collegiate athletics.