Friday, January 23, 2009

Great, that's all I need

It's not been the best week here as a Liverpool fan, what with letting the derby slip away by conceding a late equalizer and having United overtake us at the top of the table. Uber-prick Tom Hicks wanted to go for the misery hat trick, apparently, and now we're dealing with all the papers (literally, all of them; please see your favorite for more) leading with news that some oil-soaked layabouts in Kuwait want to slather Hicks with £500 million for the privilege of taking over the club.

The guy has all the timing of a spastic watchmaker working in the dark. The one week the whole world laughs at City and their johnny-come-lately oil barons from the Middle East for their small-time and futile attempt at signing Kaká, it's revealed Liverpool might soon get its own clueless petroleum-based ownership group to throw around barrels full of money and not get anything accomplished.

Dios mio. All we need now is Rafa to say on Friday afternoon he will refuse to play Torres until he gains full control over all transfers in his next contract, and the meltdown will be complete. Oh wait, Gerrard could be immediately jailed at his court appearance today.

It just gets better, don't it?

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