Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HALFTIME UPDATE: There’s only one stat that matters – the score

Well, in my preview note below I moaned about Benayoun and Lucas in for Kuyt and The Director, respectively. For a little less than 40 minutes, I was right. Lucas mostly put on a master class in how to pass back to your defenders, and Benayoun had me ready to wring his neck he kept pushing inside from the right so much and clogging things up.

But then, Yossi pulled off the first successful dummy I've seen from Liverpool since Luis Garcia made us all sing his name and half a chance was created. But Benayoun's goal was ridiculous. Mascherano with an outstanding through ball, Yossi somehow rounds the keeper and from almost even with the touchline on the right, he flicks it across and into the far side-netting. I watched the replay a couple times, and I swear it brushed the outside of the near post and still went in. Pretty amazing goal. He must have known I was talking about him.

OK, time to get a second before one of these free-kick forays pays off for Mido.

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