Friday, January 16, 2009

Good news everyone: Alonso's coming, and he's bringing booze!

Now this is exactly what I wanted to hear. The Director has declared himself fit for the derby on Monday.

I mean, what else sounds as sweet and amazing? Perhaps your secretary telling you Marisa Miller called and she's planning to wear something small to your dinner date tonight?

My favorite moment for The Director in the derby came March 25, 2006, at Anfield when drunken loose-cannon Inter disappointment Andy Van der Meyde saw red when he recklessly took Alonso down with a flying elbow after Gerrard had been sent off before the 20th minute, leading to a crazy Harry Kewell goal and a 3-1 Liverpool victory. Before that, Luis Garcia had chipped Liverpool's second from a Crouch flick on, and the Kop shouted "We've only got 10 men! We've only got 10 men! We've ... only got ... 10 men!"

Oh, the derby. I've missed you so. Welcome back, Alonso.

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