Monday, January 26, 2009

Passing a stone

I feel a bit more sympathy for Rafa at the moment.

Like some kind of searing and piercing pain is about to pass. 

After the news has been changing every five hours for each of the last 26 days, it seems we're finally closer to a resolution in the Arshavin transfer saga. This weekend's draw against Cardiff underscores, yet again, the pressing need Arsenal have for another creative influence. Missing out on Theo Walcott, Tomas Rosicky, Cesc Fabregas and Eduardo means we're missing out on four men who should/could be in the starting eleven. To say nothing of not replacing the departed Hleb and Flamini. Adding someone of Arshavin's influence could make a true splash with the approach that Arsenal take to the game, there's no mistaking that. 

At the same time, there's no mistaking that the boy hasn't been playing much football, and the football he has played has been in the reclusive Russian league. He'll have a lot to prove, while much will be expected of him quickly. Not a good combination. There will be loads of pressure upon his arrival. All the same, I, and I'm sure many others are fantastically excited to see him in our side and we can sense the potential impact.

This tonight from Zenit:

"The fundamental understanding over the transfer of the player has been achieved between the clubs. "
Interestingly, the Club say that Arsenal are still some way off on personal terms for the player. This would be in conflict with earlier reports that his personal terms had already been determined and agreed upon. Again, the yo-yo effect of this saga has me exhausted. I can't wait until we get to worry about points, goals, pushing forward and triangular movement.

Apologies for the lack of action on Match Pricks lately. It's been a dreadful lull in the season. We're all looking forward, I'm sure, to getting back down to football. Arsenal will surely have their hands full in the next couple of weeks with a replay against Cardiff and the Champions League starting up again. Hopefully we'll be looking for a return from Theo Walcott, and a run-out for Eduardo with Croatia in the second week of February to get him in shape for Arsenal's first-team again.

Right. Everton on Wednesday. West Ham on Saturday. Cardiff again on the following Tuesday. Great scheduling FA. Way to work. Looking forward to that. (insert heavy eye roll here)

We'll see tomorrow if this deal is finally locked up.

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