Friday, January 23, 2009

Fried chicken in Kuwait; also, Gerrard pleads not guilty

The most interesting nugget about Liverpool's wanna-be new owners from Kuwait:

"The Kharafis are a prestigious family in Kuwait. Nasser is the 48th richest man in the world. And it's not petro dollars that have (entirely) funded the move, but burgers. And donuts. Nasser's huge retail business empire – he owns the regional rights for Wimpy and KFC and is the single biggest shareholder in Krispy Kreme - has made him the second richest businessman in the Arab world, with a personal fortune of over £7bn."

The gist is that the Kharafis, unlike City's flashy but impotent new owners, appear to be the kind of folks who chase a profit and are not really interested in assembling a series of European club stars in one place. Whatever, it's only been a day of this and I'm already tired of it. With all the ownership transfer rumors that have filled the past year and a half at Anfield, I've never engaged in a conversation about them with anybody that lasted more than a minute. I'll give you 90 seconds, tops. That's because it's tremendously boring and not what anyone I know interested in Liverpool cares to ponder too seriously. Let's just win the damn League already. That's all we ask, and now the Hicks-Gillet saga has woken from its sleep to provide further distraction while the club has been closer than ever under Benitez. Oof, enough. I'm already sick of it again. I've been typing for roughly 60 seconds, so it's time to move on ...

... to another massive distraction. Gerrard pleaded not guilty today in court for the alleged Phil Collins-fueled assault outside the Lounge Inn. I mean, please, this is standard operating procedure in any minor criminal case. You bide your time until a deal can be struck with prosecutors, who are always more likely to accept some lesser charge rather than tie up their overworked resources in a ridiculous trial that provides little public benefit. Gerrard's merely taking part in the process, which requires court appearances and such "advancements" as entering a plea and the like.

Again, terrifically boring. But, hey, Cavalieri might start in goal for Liverpool during the derby Cup match on Sunday. Well, that's something. Christ, somebody wake me when kickoff at Anfield against Chelsea arrives.


Kuba said...

I never thought I would get to see the sentence 'Phil Collins-fueled assault' in my life. Thank you Stevie G.

stephen said...

Obviously Kuba's never seen American Psycho.