Thursday, January 22, 2009

What he said

Stand at attention, please. Yes, yes, still alive aren't we?

At the moment, while Jim is suffering from Liverpool's frustrating form and the rapidly closing gap at the top of the table, I'm suffering from an absolute transfer window weariness. It's the same thing every time, isn't it? Spanish clubs (either Barca or - today - Real Madrid) will run their mouths about the players and managers they'll bring in, that's guranteed. And as a note, I didn't even bother to read that article. The headline tells me everything I need to know, as well as everything I need to discard as rubbish. Then we've got the nouveau riche up at Citeh and the "oh,  oh, oh me too" clan over at Spurs tossing around gobs of cash at every player who ever scored a goal, and talking publicly about each step. This, of course, doesn't even bring to light the dreadfully boring saga of Andrei Arshavin. A dash of sanity please? Maybe?

Invariably, I get recklessly excited about the prospects of what we need, who we'll buy, how much we've got to spend ... and then come crashing to Earth be the end of the second week of the period. That said, note that I have the utmost respect for the way Arsenal conduct themselves. Frustrated at their refusal to jump for dream players, but fully trusting of the decisions they make.

Meanwhile, Arsenal are beginning to look better ... and are beginning to look like they're up for it. A 3-1 win away at Hull at the weekend, in spite of leaving it late, got it done yet again. Now it's Cardiff on the horizon in the FA Cup on Sunday with lots to be excited about. That competition, I believe, holds quite a large key for us this year. We've known all year that Arsenal could be well done by a massive dose of confidence, fleeting as it can be. Another win there with a strong mixture of first-teamers and some of those coveted up and comers, and we will continue to be right in there. Go on, yuck it up. Fact is, there's a lot of football left to play and the lads at the Grove are looking like they just love nicking points off of those other clubs in their way (alright, alright, Villa aside).

Go get 'em, lads. Find that gas pedal and let's get our minds back on some football.

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Darrell Balzrina said...

Good to see you guys back on the train. I thought Jim may have disappeared into the unsettling Monday night! Aresenal does have some momentum coming into the bulk of the second half. If the "boring saga" of Arshavin finalizes, possibly seeing his Russian talent scoring at Emirates, the gunners may be swinging their title hopes in less dismay! Good point though, there is a lot of football left to be played, including a May 16th showdown at Old Trafford! :)
Besides the league, Aresnal still have strong hope in two other competitions. It's going to be an interesting 2nd half, and I can't wait