Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Alonso's Foot Is Only Cut Day!

Well, this is kind of cute. Rafa has more details this morning about our beloved Director's recovery from a foot gash suffered against Preston in the Cup. It's pretty much everything the Daily Mail and Match Pricks blasted all over the Internets yesterday, although because Rafa's the Liverpool manager, he's a got a few more tidbits about Alonso being able to wear a boot and kick a ball.

But I'm being glib. Who among the Red faithful isn't dancing an awkward jig in the snow this morning about the great news? To celebrate, let's all enjoy this collection of terrific Director passes from a 4 1/2-year-old match at Anfield against Norwich:

How many would Liverpool have had that day if it wasn't Baros and Cisse up front trying to finish – and Alonso even set up both of them with a goal. Bonus points to The Director for leading the charge on a day without Gerrard in the lineup.

Happy Alonso's Foot Is Only Cut Day, everybody!

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