Friday, January 9, 2009

For Eduardo, forever

With Colin presently predisposed, as best I can tell, I'm going to jump in here with this bit of outstanding news: Eduardo is available to play.

This produces an entirely different feeling in me than the latest news about this prick (Editor's Note: He is not a Match Prick). The day Eduardo again gets a first-team run in a Premier League match is a day that can be convincingly declared a victory for free people everywhere. Obviously, I'm not an Arsenal supporter, but Eduardo has given me so much, such as the entire summer of 2008. It was such a blast I barely remember it.

Wenger says the boy isn't quite ready, and he refuses to put a date out there for Eduardo's return, but just the talk of him being much closer to returning warms my heart. I can just imagine how Colin and Gooners everywhere feel.

SIDEBAR: Try doing a Google Images search for "Eduardo" paired with any other nice word, such as "great" or "smiling" or "happy" and tell me what you find. Yeah, the break was that horrific.

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