Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday mind-set: Fire in the belly, but with a cool head

Hey, Match Pricks readers, remember this little ditty from Wednesday? That was fun. It's always great to immediately fire off your thoughts on a depressing outcome for Liverpool 45 minutes after the match ends and when you've spent that brief interim stewing over everything by yourself during an afternoon commute to your job in the suburbs. It really gets the bile up, you know? Helps churn out all the really hateful, reactionary filth.

But while I'd like to change several things about the post (mostly just OCD-type writer-ly stuff about its style and structure), the overall meaning and tone is still with me. Which brings me to my point here ...

... I can't possibly be the most hate-filled Liverpool supporter out there. But most of the post-Wigan analysis I've seen has either been denial ("There's 15 matches left; it's only January!"), loyal defiance ("Liverpool till I die!") or unreasonably calm analysis ("Well, you see, Gerrard and Torres were tired. And they would have made it. Rafa can't strategize for Lucas losing his head on the penalty.")

F**k that. Man, now's the time to be pissed off. Yeah, I've moved on from lobbying for a pile of Kazakh-based goat shit to replace Rafa, but it's just an entirely different Liverpool world we all inhabit right now. Instead of worrying about United and trying to keep pace at the top of the table, there's now three scenarios for the team:

1. Beat Chelsea on Sunday and hope that can be some kind of springboard back into the race.
2. Draw with Chelsea on Sunday and possibly watch Villa move past LFC into 3rd; high anxiety ensues.
3. Lose to Chelsea on Sunday, watch Villa fly past LFC into third and prepare for supporters to start jumping off of buildings.

The best-case scenario involves taking 3 points and hoping it's a springboard to better things. The second option is horrible to think about, and the third option is full-on crisis mode where Liverpool starts having to think about what it's going to take to ensure they finish in a Champions League slot. How quickly things can change.

However, it's the weekend and time to detach ourselves from a lot of concerns. This video only works if you can blare those speakers or plug in some earbuds and roll around in the noise. I've not entirely given up the fight, no matter how bleak and unhinged I've appeard this week, so let's get into this (action kicks in at 30-second mark) and figure out how Sunday is going to work:

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