Sunday, February 1, 2009

Was that Chelsea or Stoke out there at Anfield?

First off, three cheers and a few huzzahs, please, for the return to form of Fernando Torres. When you go a bit without scoring goals, it's easy to forget all the good times you've given us, Fernando. Good work today by saving the brilliance for the end. Adds a lot of drama and excitement to the experience, kiddo.

Watching that match today, though, I couldn't help but consider the overwhelming impression from the experience was how poor and uninspired Chelsea looked. Yeah, Lampard probably was judged too harshly with a straight red, even though it was a dangerous tackle. But where was he before being sent off? Lampard was a rumor out there today, and Anelka was nonexistent. As things went on, I kept thinking back to what playing Chelsea used to look like, how wound up I would get about it and on edge. They were always dangerous, and a Chelsea attack would cause my sphincter to tighten as Lampard would bring the ball forward and assess his options.

But today, I felt certain before half time that Chelsea would not score. They're such a poor comparison to the team of even last season, let alone two and three years ago. This was supposed to be a huge game for Liverpool, a real test of their ability to maintain the chase. It didn't seem that way. Chelsea appeared a team playing for a point, like the Premier League wanna-bes and also-rans do when they come to Anfield.

It's outstanding that Liverpool took the full points today, but this match appears to have taught us more about the character of Chelsea than it did Liverpool.

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Ian Smith said...

You know what... what a difference 24 hours can make. Liverpool fans after the Wigan fiasco were down and after 90mins against Chelsea are now renewed and reinvigorated.
As for the Lampard sending off, let’s open our eyes people! It was high and studs were showing. Granted it would probably not have been a sending off if it had not been for the newspaper interview that good old Frank gave. When you go to the media telling everyone that he didn't like Alonso and that when he broke his leg it was only a tap! You have to pay the consequences.
If you think Refs in the premiership don’t read the local papers while they eat their boiled eggs in the morning then you are delusional. In my opinion Lamps got what was coming to him!
Your choice Scolari, Lampard or Bosingwa one of them will be suspended I personally hope it both of them. It’s not so funny when the financial well runs dry is it.