Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let's just soak it in for a bit

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Colin said...

I didn't want to sully that photo with words. Just a brief comment here to get us going. The time will come where we make places in the team. Where we adjust the squad, where we determine who belongs where, where tactics get analyzed and debated, and the time where we smile at our football. That time will come soon. For now ...

Arsenal have been woefully adrift all season. They have needed quality. They have needed a difference-maker. They have needed precision. They have needed a spark, an imagination and they have needed someone to slam on the gas. They have needed faith, and belief. They have needed someone who says, "no, not today, not here, not now and not on my watch."

The side have been torn apart with injuries and the insertion of players who come with neither the experience, nor the skill to properly compete or carve out a niche for themselves at this level. This is not to say they will not grow. And it is not to say we can't look to them in the future - be it in two months or two years.

As the Arsenal stand today, however, they have added a player of pure quality who comes equipped with the ability and the creative spark to push the side back to the other edge of the cliff that we've been perched upon for too long.