Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, this explains a whole lot

This Is Anfield comes through with another translation from AS, this time an interview with Rafa. There's a little more insight into Rafa's past, including this little nugget that I'm just going to go ahead and declare as his motivation for continually trotting out Lucas in recent weeks. It makes as much sense as anything else, I think:

"I could’ve played in Primera. Horacio de Leiva, our manager in Mexico and later the President of the School of Referees, proposed me to sign for Oviedo. ..."

Well, there you have it. Something about the name "Leiva" just makes Rafa all nostalgic inside.

Scroll down for The Match Pricks Q&A with Martin Banks from Aston Villa Blog. It's good to hear from a Villan during this season of heady times for their side.

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