Monday, February 9, 2009

Watching, waiting ...

How great is this shot? They are almost ready, aren't they? I'll expect Eduardo to take the pitch with Croatia and the Man with All the Answers, Slavan Bilic, this week. Then we've a full weekend off before the FA Cup replay against Cardiff and Sunderland - almost two full weeks away - for Andrei Arshavin to get himself used to our football, and get himself all wound up to hit the ground running and bring some smiles back to Arsenal supporters (and football supporters who look to the Arsenal for that pure example, one that Barcelona are easily wrangling away from us at the moment). It'll give some terrific opportunities for this team to find its creative momentum. There's no mistake that's what we're missing right now. As suspect as the side have been defensively, and it's been well documented, they've had tremendous problems going forward.

I'd also like, in consideration of Eboue and my thoughts that were targeted directly toward him after Sunday's pitiful performance from the Ivorian and collaborative effort from the rest of the side, to remind everyone of just how short Arsenal are are the moment.

Missing Cesc Fabregas, Tomas Rosicky, Eduardo and Theo Walcott has left us quite desperate. We've lacked pace, creativity, thrust, incision and - as a result - goals. Here's hoping the stand-ins can just continue to hold things together a little bit longer. They aren't losing, but they are drawing all too often. At the moment, while Arsenal are spinning their wheels, Aston Villa are pole vaulting into consideration - their title credentials coming under closer and more admirable scrutiny each week - and Chelsea are double-checking their life preservers and parachutes. 

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