Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best chance to win the League in years: Let's Ngo!

I swear, I'll drop the postmortems for Robbie Keane. (Maybe one more quick one: Remember how Tottenham scored twice at White Hart Lane after Keane came off and Liverpool's midfield suddenly couldn't work together with someone to keep possession? For a reminder, see the "L" column in the current table.)

Anyway, Rafa defending the move today:

"We still have [Ryan] Babel, [David] Ngog and Dirk Kuyt as well as Torres. It is a risk but the situation was not good and we needed to do something," said the Liverpool manager.

It's a tidy quote and could probably be chiseled quite easily onto that tombstone if the question marks end up getting filled in with 2009.

OK, my bit of fun is over. Scroll down and check out Colin's Arshavin stuff. Awesome. I know exactly how he's feeling.


stephen said...

It's a shame the deal went down on deadline day (holy alliteration, Match Pricks!) as we weren't able to pick up a replacement. Maybe even a replacement who would sulk when subbed off and could miss sitters with ease!

We're up shit creek if Torres gets hurt. I'm praying that he catches "flu-like symptoms" right before that England-Spain friendly next Wednesday.

Oh Robbie, we hardly knew ya.

stephen said...

Oh, and one quick side note - our last match of the year is at Anfield, against Tottenham.

Not that Keane will have a point to prove or anything...

Jim said...

Yeah, the thing with Spurs at Anfield on the final day has the potential to be 100 times worse than Michael Thomas. And Nick Hornby made a masterwork out of that little moment.

Keane at Anfield on the final day will be its own post one of these days soon.