Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A historic match, some historic reflections

No, this isn't yet another Jim lookback on May 25, 2005. I'll save that for May 25, 2009. Actually, I got wistful and nostalgic for Liverpool in Europe earlier tonight while reading through the Anfield-based installment of The Independent's series on the greatest teams. The first one was on Real Madrid, Liverpool's opponent later today in the Champions League. I didn't go through that one, but from the Liverpool series, it appears The Independent is naming its version of the best 11 to ever wear the shirt for these teams, while also sticking to a general 4-4-2, more or less. That would explain no John Barnes alongside Rush and Dalglish and Keegan out wide to the right. The Independent's midfield is, from left to right, Billy Liddell-Souness-Gerrard-Keegan. Yeah, my heart just skipped a beat, too.

Anyway, it's a fun read, as the bios for most every player include multiple European Cups and gobs of goals. Plus, the included photos are remarkable.

Back later with an outrageously ambitious attempt to live blog the Liverpool-Madrid match AND the Chelsea-Juventus meeting.

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